2013.01.29 | Research news

Front Cover of the DESY Photon Science Report 2012 by post doc Henning Tidow

Post doc Henning Tidow's picture of calcium pump/calmodulin complex crystals has been selected as the front cover picture for this year's Photon Science Report of DESY. Furthermore, Henning Tidow has contributed with a Research Highlight article on the "Turbo swich of calcium pump in biological cells" (page 38-39).

2013.01.24 | Research news

Senior groupleader Jesper Vuust Møller turns 75 years

Senior groupleader at the PUMPkin Centre and Professor emeritus at Institute of Biomedicine - Physiology and Biophysics at Aarhus University, Jesper Vuust Møller, turns 75 the 24th of January 2013. Already when he was a medical student, Jesper Vuust Møller started his scientific career.

2013.01.02 | Research news

Carlsberg travel stipend for post doc Michael Jakob Clausen

In December 2012 post doc Michael Jakob Clausen was awarded a travel stipend of 350,000 DKK from the Carlsberg Foundation. The money is going to be spend for a years salery during his stay in Oxford, UK, where Michael is going to work in Stephen Tuckers research laboratory.