Christian Storm Pedersen

Senior groupleader

Christian Storm Pedersen is senior groupleader at the PUMPkin Centre as well as center director and associate professor at the Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) at Aarhus University. At the BiRC Centre, apart from being center director, Christian Storm Pedersen is also leading the groups Structural Bioinformatics and Algorithmic Bioinformatics.

The research focus of Christian Storm Pedersen's groups are on development and implementation of efficient algorithms and software tools for analysis of biological data. In relation to structural bioinformatics, the focus is on methods for molecular docking.

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Contact information


Centre for Membrane Pumps in Cells and Disease - PUMPkin
Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC)
Aarhus University
C. F. Møllers Allé 8
8000 Aarhus C

Office: building 1110, office 325
Phone: +45 8715 5559
Mobile: +45 2778 2810