Wi-Fi for AU guests

How to access the AU-Guest network

If a guest wants to access the AU-Guest network, the guest must log in by using his/he

  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Facebook 

If the guest does not have such an account, the guest can receive an SMS with a code on his/her mobile phone, provided that the guest has a Danish mobile number. As a host or conference organiser, this means that it is no longer necessary to create logins for your guests.

The AU-Guest network is intended for guests. EDUROAM is the wireless network for staff and students.  If you are a member of staff or a student and you do not have EDUROAM on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can connect to the AU-Guest network and then install EDUROAM by clicking the AU logo on the login portal.

In the future, AU-Guest will replace the existing AUWLAN network.